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2024 Event

2024 marks the 15th Annual Great Northwest Glass Quest – a unique 10-day treasure hunt for hand blown glass balls on Camano Island and Stanwood Washington. The event is organized by The Camano Island Chamber of Commerce.

Check-In Online

What is a clue ball?

I am approximately 3 inches in diameter and made out of clear plastic.

However, some of my hiders like to camouflage me. At least half of me must remain clear however (so I can breathe) and a part of that clear portion will be showing without you having to move anything.

When you find me I will have a piece of paper inside directing you where to go to claim your TREASURE - A Glass Ball.

A clear clue ball underneath foliageA clear clue ball hidden underneath tall grassClear clue ball with feathers on wood

Respect The Rules & Grab Your Booklet

Rules For A Successful Quest

Be Respectful

Host businesses have opened their stores to you, please abide by their rules.

When In Community Sites Do NOT USE STICKS Of Any Kind (Including Walking Sticks.) Respect vegetation & wildlife and leave no trace.

Don't Ask

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, don’t ask “has it been found today?”

Businesses may provide clues-but this is not required.

Be Respectful

All clue balls will be visible (albeit camoflauged on occasion)

Please do not move merchandise or disturb vegetation - clue balls should be found using your EYES ONLY.

Time's Up

If you have not found the clueball within 15-20 minutes it is probably not there, don't linger. Come back and try tomorrow.

Find & Have Fun!

Have a great time and limit your Treasure to One Per Person Per Year. You can purchase as many Non-Certificated Balls as you would like (available as supplies last!) Don’t forget to thank the host business!

Stay A While

We invite you to spend the night and make your adventure into an annual family vacation. Whether you are here for a long weekend or for the entire 10 days of the event we would love to help you find overnight accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Event Start?

The 2024 Great Northwest Glass Quest begins on Friday, February 16th, and ends on Sunday, February 25th.

Does It Start At A Certain Time?

Each business posts the time and days they are open for Glass Quest. Community Sites and Parks are open from sunrise to sunset.

Do I need To Check-In Somewhere Or Register?

Nope. Questing is FREE.

You can Check-In Online each day that you Quest.  This information helps us get data for future grants AND we draw one winner each day to win a Glass Ball!  Multiple entries per day or entries prior to the event will be deleted.  

We do appreciate donations to keep this event going - please see to donate. Every $10 donated will enter you into a drawing to win the #1 or #2 Glass Ball from 2024.

Is There a Strategy I Should Employ? 

Finding a clue ball is really about being at the right place at the right time. It comes down to luck, timing, and determination! Remember to "embrace the thrill of the hunt" and there are so many "other" treasures you can find on your quest.

How Does This Work Exatcly?

For 10 days (2/16 - 2/25) businesses and parks throughout Stanwood & Camano hide plastic clue balls. When you find a plastic clue ball you win a LIMITED EDITION Hand-blown Glass Ball. You are searching for a plastic CLUE BALL, not the glass ball! Clue balls in outdoor locations will always have a piece of paper inside them directing you where to go to claim your Glass Ball.  Some indoor locations use paper inside - but not always since you are already in their business!  See the "What am I looking for" below for a photo of a clue ball vs. glass ball. Please bring a photo ID to claim a glass ball (parents of minors will show their ID.)

Where Do I Go?

Participating businesses and parks are listed under "Places" in the App. Go to either a participating business (note days and times open) or a Community Site to search for clue balls.

Businesses choose to hide either inside their own business (listed under Start Your Quest - Visit Business Sites) or they hide in Community Sites (listed under Start Your Quest - Visit Community Sites.)

Where Can I Get A Booklet?

Booklets for 2024 are available in digital format ONLY. You can download one HERE (coming soon) or view all information on our Glass Quest App. If you really want a booklet UPS in Stanwood has them to purchase for $10 (color) or $5 (black & white)

What Am I Looking For?

You are searching for a clear, plastic 3-inch “clue ball” – these clue balls can be camouflaged but should always be in locations where you do not need to move store merchandise or disturb plants, etc. SEARCH WITH YOUR EYES ONLY! Clue balls in outdoor locations will always have a piece of paper inside them directing you where to go to claim your Glass Ball.  Some indoor locations use paper inside - but not always since you are already in their business!

How Do I Know When Clueballs are Hidden?

That is part of the “QUEST” – you do NOT know when clue balls are hidden, found, or when businesses put new balls out. Refrain from asking Business Owners if the clue ball has been found, they have taken an oath to not share that information. Daily updates for clue balls in select parks will be on the website and social media at the end of each day.

Is There A Better Day Than Others To Come & Quest?

New clueballs go out EVERY DAY during the 10-day event - including the last day! So there is no day that is "better" than others to Quest.

Are There Clues? If So, Where Do I Find Them?

Some participating businesses choose to put out “clues” for the clue balls – visit each location to get the clues, follow the business on social media, and visit their websites for more information. This varies per participating business and they do NOT have to provide clues.

How Long Does It Take?

These Hidden Treasures are TREASURES because they are not easy to acquire – a general rule of thumb for Questing inside a business is that if you have not found a clue ball in 15-20 minutes you should probably move on – do not loiter!

How Many Glass Balls Are There?

There are 400 Treasures to be found in 2024! Remember there are so many other "treasures" to find during your Quest. A new shop, a beautiful hike, new friends on the trails - have fun out there and embrace the thrill of a fun experience.

How Many Can I Find? What Are The Rules?

Limited Edition Glass Balls are limited to ONE PER PERSON per year – please respect this and share the treasures with others! The person who finds the clue ball must claim the glass ball - you cannot claim them for others.  Please contact the business inside the clue ball within 24 hours of finding it - even if you are unable to claim it right away. You will also be asked for photo ID to claim a glass ball.  ID of parent or guardian will be required for minors.  When you win a glass ball we will also take your photo and have you sign a photo release form.

What Are Daily Updates?

We do post DAILY updates for clue balls in some of the Parks that have not been found - every day of the event around 5 PM. We do NOT post updates for any participating businesses - or the clue balls they may hide in the Community Sites. Embrace the "thrill of the hunt!"

You can check on the updates here.  

Why Don't You Update Us As The Clueballs Are Found?

Probably one of the most asked questions or requests.  YES - the Quest would be much easier if we gave you a live update on when clue balls are found but we do have a few reasons why this doesn't happen.  

  1. Businesses pay to participate in this event - and they want you to visit their locations throughout the entire event.   If it was public information when each clue ball was found the stores would not see the same amount of traffic and would not have a vested interest in participating.  
  2. It is a TREASURE HUNT - and we try our best to encourage you to "Embrace The Thrill of the Hunt" which means seeking other treasures and enjoying the experience.  

We understand that this makes the event difficult (nobody said it was easy!) but hopefully this gives you some perspective and understanding.  KEEP CALM and QUEST ON!

Can I Purchase One?

The Limited Edition Glass Quest balls are not for sale (thus they are a TREASURE to only be FOUND). However, you can purchase Non-Certificated Glass Balls at some locations for $60 by showing you have the GQ (Glass Quest) App or, for the regular price of $70 (discount applied to one ball). Non-Certificated Balls for sale are available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Is There A Passport This Year?

We do NOT have a PASSPORT for the 2024 event; instead, you can check-in online using the GQ App each day you Quest. On St. Patrick’s Day, we will be drawing for glass ball winners from the check-in names.

Additionally, you can receive a discount on Non-Certificated Glass Balls by showing you have the GQ App installed.

We are also excited to announce the KIND QUESTER program!

What Are The Rules?

We want this to be a fun event for you and the participating businesses so please abide by the following Rules:

1. BE RESPECTFUL - Businesses have opened their stores to you for this event - please abide by their signs and policies. Shop and perhaps and purchase something while you are there!

This also goes for the COMMUNITY SITES - respect nature and stay on the trails. DO NOT hit or poke at the vegetation! NO WALKING STICKS or sticks of any kind are allowed in Community Sites. **If a walking stick or cane is needed for stability that is allowed but it should only be used for that purpose**

2. DON'T ASK - respect the "Thrill of the Hunt." Businesses have taken an oath not to share if clue balls have been found; please don't ask them if it has!

3. USE YOUR EYES ONLY - clue balls may be camouflaged but you should not need to move merchandise OR items in nature to find t.

4. Time's Up - if you have not found a clue ball within 15-20 min. in a store it is probably time to move on. Come back tomorrow and try again.

5. ONE PER PERSON - please respect that LIMITED EDITION Glass Balls are limited to ONE PER PERSON per year.  A photo ID will be required to claim a glass ball.  Children claiming will be asked to provide ID of an adult with them.  

6. Most importantly - HAVE FUN and BE KIND to each other!

Are There Any Special Kid Events?

In lieu of kid questing events, we have launched our Kind Quester Program encouraging you to engage in the event in a meaningful way. This is fun for kids of all ages and embraces the spirit of the event - have fun with it! Learn More Here:

What If There Is Inclement Weather?

In February there is always the likelihood we could have snow - or windstorms - and most likely a bit of rain. Welcome to the PNW in February! If there is an extreme weather event some businesses, parks, and/or roads may need to close. If this happens pay attention to our website front page for alerts - we will update you if we know of extreme weather affecting businesses. The event is 10 days so there is always plenty of time to hide and find clue balls - plus snow adds a special element of camouflage!

What Are Community Sites?

Community Sites are locations where businesses can hide clue balls. These may be businesses that don't have a storefront or ones that prefer not to have high traffic inside their business during the event. See the list of approved community sites on pg. x of the booklet. We ask that you PLEASE respect vegetation in all Community Sites - no sticks of any kind are to be used. Stay on the trails and leave no trace!

What Is The Most Important Thing To Remember?

The most important thing to keep in mind is to HAVE FUN and BE KIND. Seriously. We all need some fun and kindness in this crazy world - enjoy the people you meet, the stores you visit and the trails you hike.

My Question Was Not Answered, What Do I Do Now?

If the above did not answer your question, please email or call 360-629-7136 and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Please try NOT to post questions to social media as these are difficult for us to manage during the very busy event.

What Is Kind Quester?

Continuing again in 2024 we are excited to announce the Kind Quester Program - a list of suggested activities you can do to engage with our community in a positive way. Anyone who completes six of the twelve suggested items during the event will be eligible to win a Glass pocket heart - we will be giving out 15 per day at the Event Headquarters (606 Arrowhead Rd.) 

Print out the KIND QUESTER form or pick one up from our event sponsors.

What Changes are there for Community Sites in 2024?

Cama Beach State Park AND Kayak Point Park will be closed due to construction in 2024.  However the City of Stanwood has added 2 additional parks - Lions Park & City Hall Park as approved community sites. Camano Island State Park IS open for Questers in 2024.

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